As you can see, there is a separate section for this article on my website . And maybe you are curious about what is so important will be mentioned here .

That is what I am going to tell you is really important to know and to understand for each potential user of my programs .

When my project began to gain popularity among the roulette players , and even became one of the popular search queries in Google, then there appeared those who decided to cash in on my good name.

I 'm talking about the pirates who sell the cracked copies of my programs , broken trials or simply fraud the users, offering my programs for a half-price ...

There was already a mass of cases , when a user was trying to buy my program on the cheap from third parties and received regular trial (trial version that you can download for free) or get the archive with a cheerful song in, or received nothing at all after he made a payment.

So , once again, to save you from the machinations of various morons, I have compiled a few points, which I highly recommend you to read.

So ... What is important to understand for the potential user:

1. Original quality programs (Wheel Daemon, R-Matrix, Greed and Triplex), you can buy only at this official site (
- Sometimes I get letters from strangers who ask me any questions about using , say that the program is working weird etc. ..

2 . Programs are protected not only from copying, but also from interfering in the code.
- So, even if you have a cracked full version , an additional algorithm , in case of interference in the code, will not give the functions work the way it should be. In other words - using a broken version is likely to be no result. And, as you know, I don't accept the claims in this case.

3 . Buying pirated product, you will be alone with the program.
- In case of any questions on the use of programs the will be nobody to help to you . It 's like to buy from a passer-by a "photon repeater" for 10 dollars, to bring it home ... but what next?

4 . The users of pirated products have no such excellent conditions offered by my project:
- Free updates of current versions of software
- Free reactivation in case of reinstall Windows or change a PC
- Great discounts on other products lyuby
- Support from the author in case of questions on the use of

5 . Only 20% of people who purchase "cracked" software get what they pay for.
- This is what I wrote above, and unfortunately, it's a fact . Especially when it comes to programs for roulette. You can not imagine how many people have been scamed... On the whole, the experience tells, that in most cases the use of cracked roulette software don't bring the expected results.

You know, there is a simple truth, actual in all times:

The disappointment of poor quality lasts longer than the joy of low price!

Dear user, I hope that this information was really important, and also was able to warn you against vexatious losses.

Good luck !

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