The basis of this program is based on the principle of "cyclic recurrence" of the roulette. I decided to use this area, as I saw the potential and flexibility.

The program by default analyzes 9 last numbers and make a prediction of 9 "perspective" numbers that you need to bet. Once the user has made a bet on the first 9 numbers, "the combination set" begins. Set duration is determined by the user, and the program within set raises bets in a progression. Thus - the long set you have - the more you will win, but at the same time the risk is increasing. That's why the name of the program is Greed
It is the fact that the program is almost always gives an advantage in the balance, but the decision to reset the progression and start playing the new set of numbers is on the user's mind.

Greed 2.0 on RNG roulette
The ability to customize various progressive betting systems is great for playing on RNG roulette, when you can create betting systems that do not use doubling to provide the most smooth and comfortable playing.

On the demo video below, I show the work of the program with a betting system using addition-subtraction (light progression), similar to the famous Donald system. In addition, I press the "reset" button with a minimal advantage and get new sets of numbers for the game. In this vein, I managed to accurately win more than $200 in 11 minutes.

Greed 2.0 - Innovation and flexibility
Somehow it happened that for several years Greed 1.0, it can be said, was an "outcast" among the other programs, and received the least attention from users. Although it is worth noting that there are some customers who consider Greed 1.0 the best of my developments!

In any case, version 2.0, in spite of the same work principle, is practically a completely different program, exceeding in capacity and flexibles not only version 1.0, but maybe also some other programs.

Thanks to unprecedented advanced settings Greed 2.0 has become a real professional tool that can provide you with impressive, and most importantly - stable results for years to come!

Features of Greed 2.0
Perhaps the most important in the new version of the program are 2 points:

1. The ability to set any amount of numbers in the prediction. By default, as in version 1.0, the program plays 9 numbers, but if necessary you can set the prediction from 1 to 35 numbers! This gives the user maximum flexibility in use, not inferior to R-Matrix VARIATOR (where there is also such an option).

2. Ability to customize your own progressive betting system. In the history of my programs this option is implemented for the first time, and it allows you to set up almost any betting system. The program algorithm processes events "when winning" and "when loss", and in these events the program can add, subtract, multiply, divide and reset to the desired value! (Which automatically makes
Greed 2.0 the most flexible of existing developments!)

Separately, I want to note that for those who do not particularly want to understand everything, but want to immediately begin to play - in the manual to the program I attached a few ready-made settings of various betting systems (which you can simply copy into the program).

Greed 2.0 on LIVE tables
It should be noted that the use of betting systems that involve adding and subtracting may not be so convenient when playing live tables due to existing limits on the betting time. In this case, you can use the classic version of Greed - a game with doubling. So, if there are "repeat bet" and "double bet" buttons on your live table, then the game with Greed 2.0 will be the most comfortable for you.

In the video below, I'm just playing in the standard settings on the live table in the Fairway casino, and although there, unfortunately, there is no "double bet" button, it's quite possible to play.

Also in this video I demonstrate another tactical scheme - I squeeze out a maximum of one set of numbers that I got at the beginning of the session. This game is more risky in terms of drawdowns, but the result is quite impressive - winning over 50% of the bankroll, which was +$462 in 1 hour.
💻 Stable growth of your bankroll
💻 Updated powerful analysis algorithms
💻 Setting up your own betting systems
💻 Setting the amount of numbers to play
💻 Huge winning potential
💻 Works on LIVE and RNG tables

The function of saving numbers from the game into a text file.
История выпадающих чисел в игре.
The program shows where to bet and how much to bet
The prograssive system settings, which allows you to use the program for almost any need.
In the program you can set the size of the initial bet, and all the progressions in the betting system will be recalculated taking this value into account
One of the main innovations in version 2.0 is the ability to set any count of numbers in the prediction!
There are 3 game modes available: Linear, Greed и Greed 2.
The buttons to manually control the betting in the game.

Updates for R-Matrix 3.2 and Triplex 3.2


Triplex 3.1 - Prediction speed increased by 20%, analysis algorithms were updated, new server activation technology.


R-Matrix 3.1 - analysis algorithms were updated, minor visual bugs were fixed, new server activation technology.


Triplex 3.0 - the new version of the best program for playing on dozens/columns!


R-Matrix 3.0 - the latest version of the program for playing on numbers with new algorithms, functions and betting systems!


INTERACTIVE ARTICLE about the methods of prediction the roulette...


Triplex 2.0 - The new version of the best program to play on dozens / columns. Revolutionary algorithm and betting system!

Wheel Daemon 6.0 - the most powerful development with the latest modes and features!

Greed 2.0 - an incredibly flexible and creative betting system!

Long-expected Wheel Daemon 5.0!
5 game modes, 5 betting systems!

The release of new R-Matrix 2.0
New algorithms and betting systems!

The release of new software to play on dozens/columns TRIPLEX 1.0

The release of new software "R-Matrix VARIATOR" (free addon to R-Matrix 1.7)


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Nowadays, online casinos is a very popular form of entertainment and earnings. And every beginner who seriously set about trying to play roulette, is actually in a potential danger of losing the funds. It's not even about the proper calculations and chances of winning, but about things like the correct behavior in the online casino...


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R-Matrix 3.2
Add-on to the R-Matrix. Powerful engineering app that calculates probabilities by numbers using special coefficients ...
The most unusual and exciting program ever created. This is the most flexible of my developments, allowing you to set your own betting system...
Greed 2.0
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