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So... GREED!

The basis of this program is based on the principle of "cyclic recurrence" of the roulette. I decided to use this area, as I saw the potential and flexibility.
The program initially analyzes 9 last number and make a prediction of 9 "perspective" numbers that you need to bet. Once the user has made a bet on the first 9 numbers, "the combination set" begins. Set duration is determined by the user, and the program within set raises bets in a progression. Thus - the long set you have - the more you will win, but at the same time the risk is increasing. That's why the name of the program is Greed
It is worth noting that the program is almost always gives an advantage in the balance, but then again, the decision to discharge the progression and start the new set, takes the user, focusing on the additional indicators in the settings (either on their own reasons).

Please see the example of a game with a real account at the Va-Bank casino.
I would like to immediately clarify that this is not an example of how to play right - this is only a demonstration of the program ...
The session actually begins with $ 14 and the initial bet is 0.01. (Ie the total initial rate - just 0.09). By the end of the session, the program raised the balance to 40.28. It was quite a risky session, but I think that the result is more than convincing: + $ 26.28 (ie, if the bets were 0.1 and the starting balance $140, the profit would have been $ 262.8)

"Multifaceted" GREED

If we talk about the benefits of the program, one of the main things that I want to highlight - is the ability to use different styles of play. Aggressive user can risk, squeezing out of each set to the maximum (up to 200% of the deposit), and those who like a neat game, can get small advantages and frequently change sets, providing a slow and steady rise of balance.

So, what is Greed consists of? Let's see!
Indicator of bet amount. Shows how much to bet.
Shows the last numbers in your game
Function of the reducing the step of progression.
Setting the step of progression. One of the main functions of the program.
2 game modes. Mode "Linear" offers the numbers on a strict formula. Mode "Greed" offers non-linear, scripted sequences
Feature a full reset to the initial state of the program.
The function of saving the game history of numbers
Auxiliary indicators to analyze the current game situation
Main controls program. Reset - gives a new combination of numbers. Raise and Lower - manual raising and lowering the bets.
Use on "Live" tables

Greed is easy to use and allows you to play on the live tables (less problematic, as, for example, R-Matrix). If the interface of the casino has a button "double bet", the game turns into a general-comfortable pastime.

In the following demo video, I'm playing at the Smartlive Casino. Initial Deposit: $ 100. The initial bet is 0.1 on the number (total: 0.9 $). Final balance: $ 178.6. In a fact I could play longer, but the session that longs more than 1 hour make me tired ... In any case, the result is good.
Greed 1.0 - it's an innovation in gambling:

Stable growth of your deposits
New progressive system of bets
Simplicity of use
The great winnings potential
Ability to play on live-tables
How to use Greed 1.0?

Greed 1.0 is simple to use and suitable even for inexperienced players. All the details I describe in the instructions to the full version, and the basics you can see below ...
Choose a game mode ("Linear" or "Greed")

Set the desired level of "p.trigger"

Enter last 9 numbers from your game in the program

When you think it's a time, click Reset and get new numbers to bet.
Advantages of Greed!

One of the important advantages of the program - is that it reflects the size of the bet, and now you do not have to strain your brain, calculating the progression manually. Greed, as I mentioned earlier, allows the player to define the style of play that is comfortable. You can try to "break a big jackpot" at once, or you can play gradually and carefully. Also the program leaves the user to adjust the rate manually (click "Raise" and "Lower").

Indicators, which I added to the program really help to assess the situation in the game and make the right decision. The combination of program options with indicators allows the user to explore the many uses.

Greed - a product that can absorb your time, like a "contagious online RPG game". This program is really breathtaking, as it is based on the interaction with the opinion of the player, and not the imposition of bets. Greed will appeal to lovers of adrenaline shaking hands, and those who prefer a conservative, well thought-out game.

And the most interesting - the fact that I already know how Greed even better. I continue to work on this program and I offer you to buy Greed 1.0 today and receive
updates to the current version for free!
"... To be honest I did not understand the principle on which this program works. But in a fact, yesterday it won 350 euro for me. So, thank you! ;)) I will continue to learn and hopefully to win..."
Richard, Denmark
"... It is really an amazing program! I learned it and was able to develop some strategies that I use constantly now. As the result I was more than satisfied. The program is not just winning, but doing it all the time..."
Evgeniy, Russia
"... I play with your program for a few days and I want to report the results. For 5 days I was able to win more than $800. I even did not expect such a success. I was just in shock! Now I ordered the withdrawal and will continue to play..."
Sergey, Russia
"... Greed - it's really a fitting name! The first time I won 200 in 1 session and then lost it all. Now I play carefulyl, and I was able to win more than 500. Thank you for the program. it works OK..."
Semen, Ukraine
"... This program has a lot of potential. The things that it shows now - it's very convincing. With it, I have already made ​​about $700. If you play carefully, you almost do not meet dangerous situations..."
Sergey, Russia
"... A very good program. Really works and does not cease to amaze me! When I started to play with it, then was able to win $400 immediately. Then I finally decided to slow down so as not to risk. In general, I am very pleased. Thank you!..."
Alexander, Russia
"... In my opinion this is the best program of all, which now is in the network. Only with this software I can see a really consistent results! It's a pleasure to deal with you ..."
Ivar, Latvia
"... I'm pleased with your program. I've read the instructions, understood it and seems to be playing a plus now! I've made a deposit of $100, and now it's $270. I play short sessions intermittently, as you advised. Thank you for your support!..."
Andrey, Ukraine
Richard K. +$7900
Wheel Daemon 4.0
Zach S. +$5330
Wheel Daemon 4.0
R-Matrix 1.7
Evgeny T. +$3700
R-Matrix 1.7
Greed 1.0
Maksim L. +$4500
Wheel Daemon 4.0
Loki_87. +$2850
Greed 1.0
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