💻 Stable growth of your bankroll
💻 Updated analysis algorithms
💻 Flexible settings
💻 Linear mode "CHAINS"
💻 Powerful BET AUTOMATIC RESET function
💻 Works on LIVE and RNG wheels

This program uses a combination of different algorithms to predict bets on dozens and columns. At the same time, Triplex 3.0 has flexible settings that provide a choice to play on 1 or 2 dozens, automatically recalculating the size of the bet in accordance with the selected betting system.

When developing this system, I applied the boldest alternative technologies and calculation methods. And now I can say for sure that at the moment
Triplex 3.0 is the most powerful and stable solution for playing on dozens, equipped with the most relevant algorithms and betting systems, which we will talk about further...


Triplex 3.0 - application interface overview
Numbers history with the function
to save in the text file
Cancel the entered number
Prediction panel
(Dozens and columns)
4 betting systems available in the program.
Reset the current progression
Choose to play
on 1 or 2 dozens/columns
On/OFF the
bet size indicator
Sets the initial bet and
automatically calculates
the progression
Settings panel of the mode Adaptive 3.0 (creation of Adaptive Matrix)
Choice between 4 main game modes, and one of these mode uses the revolution technology based on Monty Hall Paradox

By purchasing TRIPLEX 3.0 today, you get real weapons that can methodically destroy any casino. This is a revolutionary, unprecedented and long-term solution for a successful and comfortable game!

At your disposal will be 4 incredibly effective modes: CHAINS, PARADOX 3.0, SMART 2021 and ADAPTIVE 3.0, as well as 4 betting systems, each of which is useful in its own way. You can combine modes and betting systems in any options, choosing the one that will be convenient personally in your gaming conditions!

And thanks to the new BET AUTOMATIC RESET function, you will get FULL control over the game situation, the softest way out of any drawdowns, and most importantly - MEDITATIVE CALM in the game!

Resets the bet to the initial value according to the parameters

As you know, the TRIPLEX program has a lot of functionality, each element of which deserves special attention, but I would like to start the review directly from the new features that version 3.0 offers:

So, in the new version of the program you will have access to the new mode CHAINS. For those users who are already familiar with the programs from the catalog, and have some guesses about the name of this mode, I will answer: "Yes, this mode really uses my theory of chains, but adapted for bets on the dozens"!
I will clarify right away that this technology is currently installed "in a simplified" form, therefore it does not have separate settings for each chain (which, in fact, does not in any way reduce its tremendous efficiency).

If you have not met my programs before, you will be interested to know that the theory of chains itself was developed by me about 8 years ago, and then implemented in the form of the
Wheel Daemon Chains program, which is a free add-on when buying Wheel Daemon. Initially, the method of detecting and breaking chains was applied to equal chances, but now, as you already understood, it is possible to use it on dozens too!

The practical application of theory of chains implies the use of a linear calculation algorithm. This means that a strict formula is always used when defining a prediction, i.e. for a given sequence of numbers, you get the same prediction. And despite the fact that I myself do not really like strict formulas because of their "straightforwardness", nevertheless this mode will be pleasant to many users who adhere to conservative views on the calculation of bets.

To be honest, at the moment, a separate independent product Roulette Chains is being developed in parallel, which will include the analysis of chains not only by equal chances and dozens, but also by other fields, such as sixlines or straights. The project is in development, and it's too early to talk about any release dates, so I suggest going back to Triplex 3.0 for now ...

Another novelty of the new version is the function Bet Automatic Reset:

SESSION #2: Adaptive 3.0 + D-Donald (Bet Automatic Reset +50)
In this session, I also used the D-Donald betting system and the Bet Automatic Reset function, but with the Set Units parameter = 50. This means that the bet will be reset only if the profit is greater than or equal to 50 units (with an initial bet of 5 units per 1 dozen).

In the video below, you will see a demonstration of the updated Adaptive mode (Adaptive 3.0), which is a technology for adjusting the RNG using the generation of adaptive matrices. The updated algorithm has increased the depth of the matrices, as well as the adaptation mechanism itself.

Starting bank:
Initial bet:
5 (game on 1 dozen/column)
Final bank:
2355 (profit +305)
Adaptive 3.0
Betting system:
Session time: 28 minutes

This function allows you to control the game when using alternative (non-classic) betting systems. In this version of the program, these are the systems: D-Donald, Blind and Blind+.

These betting systems are familiar to users of past versions. They offer the use of sparing (soft) progressions, which allow much better control over the gameplay, in contrast to the classic Fibonacci (for 1 dozen) and Tripling the bet (for 2 dozens), when there is no way back after several misses in a row.

If you remember, in the previous version of the program I proposed an effective method of playing on 2 dozens with the Blind betting system. For those who haven't seen that epic 11-session compilation on the live table, here's a link to the video:

The disadvantages of this method were that at the time of the session it was necessary to manually control the current balance and in time to reset the bet to the initial size. Now with the Bet Automatic Reset function, the program will do it automatically (according to the settings)!

And before moving on to a visual demonstration of the program, I want to outline one point: in the presentations of the previous version of the program, I focused on playing for 2 dozens, because I liked the dynamics with which the sessions are held, but with version 3.0 I want to show the program from the other side, to show how calm and measured the game for 1 dozen/column can be using the new functions.

Another distinctive feature of this particular presentation is that all video sessions presented on this page will go without acceleration, in real speed, so that you can see the work of the program in as much detail as possible.
If necessary, you can watch a beautiful compilation with music in the video at this link:

Since we started the review with the new features in TRIPLEX 3.0, it would be logical if the first session will demonstrate exactly them...

In the video below, I start the sessions with the new CHAINS mode. And yet, in the first session, I decided to show once again how dynamic and effective a 2 dozens game can be with the updated
TRIPLEX 3.0 features.

In the settings, I used the D-Donald betting system. As for the new BET AUTOMATIC RESET function, I will demonstrate its effectiveness in the next sessions. Here I tested the program in the classic version, without automatic resetting of the bet.

If you are planning to carefully watch each session, please note that there are practically no drawdowns in the entire total segment (less than 10% of the total balance). This is exactly the factor that forms the reliability and calmness in the game…

Starting bank:
Initial bet:
10 (5 + 5, game on 2 dozens/columns)
Final bank:
2050 (profit +450)
Betting system:
Session time: 30 minutes

SESSION #3: Smart 2021 + D-Donald (Bet Automatic Reset +50)
This session demonstrates the work of the classic non-linear algorithm Smart 2021, working on my unique technology for generating internal profit scenarios. The basis of this calculation method is present in almost all of my programs. This technology does not become obsolete and retains its effectiveness for years when playing on almost any table!

The video also uses the D-Donald betting system and the Bet Automatic Reset function with the Set units = 50 parameter. The game is played on 1 dozen/column.

Staring bank:
Initial bet:
5 (game on 1 dozen/column)
Final bank:
2905 (прибыль +550)
Smart 2021
Betting system:
Session time: 34 minutes

SESSION #4: Paradox 3.0 + Blind+ (Bet Automatic Reset)
Paradox mode deserves special attention! Even in the previous version, for the first time in the history of roulette, I realized the idea of ​​adapting the famous "Monty Hall Paradox" for playing for dozens. This technology really knows how to open the "right door", showing tremendous accuracy in forecasts.

For those who first hear about a mathematical phenomenon called the "Monty Hall paradox", I want to suggest that you watch a short video explaining the essence of the question:

This mode differs from others in that it periodically skips a bet if the current game conditions do not correspond to the internal settings of the calculation algorithm. Due to this, the program produces very accurate predictions.

In version 3.0, the technology of adaptation and definition of "doors" has been updated and improved. A very powerful algorithm!

Starting bank:
Initial bet:
5 (game on 1 dozen/column)
Final bank:
3495 (profit +590)
Paradox 3.0
Betting system:
Session time: 34 minutes

In the final 5th session, I would like to emphasize again that TRIPLEX 3.0 is a universal program that shows excellent results on any type of table, both RNG and LIVE!

Here I again used the new CHAINS mode, but chose "Blind+" as the betting system, which I had not previously demonstrated in the video. The system works in the same way as the standard "Blind", but uses a more aggressive progression in betting. And when combined with the new Bet Automatic Reset feature, it delivers excellent results when playing 1 dozen/column!

Starting bank:
Initial bet:
10 (game on 1 dozen/columns)
Final bank:
3915 (profit +420)
Betting system:
Session time: 26 minutes

The updated Triplex 3.2 is available (from 19.08.2022)
The analysis algorithms have been updated in the program, so in some game situations the accuracy of predictions will be higher!
Analysis speed increased for some modes. The program works faster!


An unprecedented program for playing  on numbers, combining convenience, speed and huge functionality!

Wheel Daemon 7.2 update.
Some corrections in algorithms are made and a few minor bugs fixed.

Wheel Daemon 7.0 RELEASE!
Absolutely the best program to play on equal chances with new functions based on a deep research of trends.

Updates for R-Matrix 3.2 and Triplex 3.2


Triplex 3.1 - Prediction speed increased by 20%, analysis algorithms were updated, new server activation technology.


R-Matrix 3.1 - analysis algorithms were updated, minor visual bugs were fixed, new server activation technology.


Triplex 3.0 - the new version of the best program for playing on dozens/columns!


R-Matrix 3.0 - the latest version of the program for playing on numbers with new algorithms, functions and betting systems!


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Triplex 2.0 - The new version of the best program to play on dozens / columns. Revolutionary algorithm and betting system!

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Greed 2.0 - an incredibly flexible and creative betting system!


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The new version of the most powerful program for playing on dozens/columns, equipped with a 4 super-powerful modes and new functions!
Triplex 3.2


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