Well, it seems the time has come when on the question "do you have a program for playing on dozen and columns?" I can proudly answer "YES"!

Indeed, many of clients asked me about the development of the software which would play directly on these fields. And now for a really popular demand, today I am ready to present to you
TRIPLEX 1.0. - The program which development and testing lasted about a year...

This program uses a set of different algorithms in predicting bets on dozens and columns.
TRIPLEX 1.0 has flexible settings, which provide a choice - to play 1 or 2 dozen, automatically making the recalculation of the bets according to the selected system.
If we consider a brief scheme of TRIPLEX 1.0, we can see that the program has a lot in common with the programs, such as Wheel Daemon...

Triplex 1.0 - Simple, Powerful and Stable!
💻 Stable growth of your bankroll
💻 Simplicity of use
💻 Flexible settings
💻 Innovative ADAPTIVE mode
💻 Alternative betting systems
💻 Works on LIVE and RNG tables

However, the program "inside"  has change a lot, and now I can firmly say that it is really a huge step forward in predicting roulette! But in addition to the algorithms themselves, I have provided   the alternative betting systems, with which your game will be very comfortable.

I think now is the time to demonstrate the work  of
TRIPLEX 1.0 on the LIVE table! (Fairway Casino). In the game was used the standard mode Mode1 and alternative system of bets D-donald (modification of Donald system to play on dozen / columns). Game type - 2 dozen.

Starting Balance:
$600, initial bet: $10, the resulting balance: $800 (+ $200 for 30 minutes).
Video is speeded up.
As you can see, TRIPLEX 1.0 keeps the brand, allowing to play on any live tables. But let's see how things are going with the game on the RNG tables...

And here we can see the main innovation of what can proudly boast only
TRIPLEX 1.0 - we will focus on the new technology of the adaptive matrix that allows the program to adapt to a particular RNG of any casino!

Of course, do not mean that if the program uses adaptive, it strikes without a miss. - Create such a level of adaptive is, unfortunately, not possible. However, if we take an existing technology in mode Adaptive, you can really easily see how increases the prediction accuracy with using adaptive matrix!

Moreover, in conjunction with the special betting systems available in the
TRIPLEX 1.0, the odds of any player grow in direct proportion.

Please note the following video where
TRIPLEX 1.0 fights the RNG of 888 Casino .
Here I kept the game at 1 dozen / column using the Adaptive mode and a special system of bets - Blind, which allowed to win back
$250 in 12 minutes without significant drawdowns.
Initial balance:
$400, initial bet: $5
Numbers history with the function
to save in the text file
Panel to enter the numbers from the game
Prediction panel
(Dozens and columns)
4 betting systems available in the program.
Reset the current progression
Choose to play
on 1 or 2 dozens/columns
On/OFF the
bet size indicator
Set the initial bet and
automatically calculates
the progression
Settings panel of the mode Adaptive (creation of Adaptive Matrix)
Choice between 2 main game modes, and one of these mode uses the revolution technology of the Adaptive Matrix
Yes indeed! - This mysterious adaptive algorithm in conjunction with a proper system of bets is a powerful weapon in the hands of any player against any casino.

Although many people know that I never talk about a 100% guarantee of winning, however be sure
TRIPLEX 1.0 will become your favorite program from the very first minutes of use! And the reason is based on three important points: SIMPLICITY, EFFICIENCY, STABILITY!

TRIPLEX 1.0 I have also developed the detailed manual, where you'll find not only the technical aspects of the program, but there is also a separate chapter about the specific of use, where I give very valuable recommendations for the work, which significantly increase the chances in real game.

I can confidently say that due to the new adaptive technology and ease of use,
TRIPLEX 1.0 is far ahead of all existing programs, which eventually I plan also to be involved with a mechanism of adaptive matrix.

Сomplete redesign of the website. Now everything has become clearer and more convenient!

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