In the heyday of online casinos and massive gambling, also appeared some offers, that promise user an easy win.

Someone began to sell their own profitable strategies for playing, and some began developing software for roulette

The very first programs, which appeared a few years ago, were really "a novelty", and extremely attractive for players. But if you look at the current situation in the applications market, a program for roulette is not a surprise anymore, since each user is given a huge range of different offers.

And every user who is interested in the applying of virtual assistants in the game, wondering "how to choose the right program, and if they work at all?"

Anticipating your expectations, I hasten to say that I'm not going to praise my own software, or criticize competitors. But I feel it is my duty to bring to you the information about those programs, that DO NOT WORK and WILL NEVER WORK at all.

So, what is it?

Sooner or later, every user who is interested in programs for roulette and explore the Internet in search of interesting offers, comes across an interesting video. This video shows the program, which takes a long time to enter the numbers for analysis, "computes the sequence of numbers" and then begins to beat the numbers without a miss (for those who are not fully aware of the rules of roulette - a chance to win on a number = 1 \ 37).
Moreover the balance at the beginning of this video is about $20, and after a series of such "sure-fire shots," the final balance is greater than $2000...

I do not need to explain that many inexperienced users in the middle of the video already has a sweaty palms in anticipation of a great profit and easy money. And the insidious thoughts of a comfortable life and a happy old age fill out their minds...

And so, the user communicates with the author of this "masterpiece", learns the cost (average $ 150), sends the money, gets the program, enters numbers, but the result is totally not the same as shown in the video! The player in a hurry writes the author, but in return receives only "silence" ...

What's the matter? - That's it! This is an ordinary fraud.

Unfortunately, such software that can "hack casino", "connect to server", "calculate the sequence number generator" does not exist in nature. And even if we assume the situation that such a program may exist, it would be totally illogical to put it on public view (especially on multi-million visited services such as Youtube!).

It is quite clear, that in our lives there is always the hope for a miracle, and each time, when we faced with this sort of things, as far as we want to believe that, we forget about all the logic and common sense.

As I said, nowadays the player is free to choose a program from a huge palette to suit every "taste and color". The user can identify for himself both good and bad programs. And I repeat, I'm not going to praise myself or negatively characterize competitive products.

But here's the information that I really want bring to each player, who is going to use the programs for roulette:

Be very careful to the proposals to buy a program that can "win without misses".

Each of adequate developer of the programs have an official website. And if you see in the contacts only skype or telegram (for ex.) - this is extremely suspicious. Scammers are afraid to create sites, as there is a risk to be located by the ip-address in the case of the police. For the same reason, there is no contact e-mail.

Most real proposals give the opportunity to use the trial version before buying. Accordingly, if the program does not work - there are could not be any trials....

During the conversation scammers can say a very appropriate arguments on any of your question. So if you feel that you begin to trust someone, and you are going to transfer money - require some protected transaction! (but better think about this deal one more time ...)

Perhaps you have not seen such dubious offers, and you have a logical question "how that programs called?". And here it is worth to make a reservation, that, in fact, no matter how the program is named, but its meaning is important.

In general, the most well-known scams are: spryt-5, digital chain, decrypter, roulette beater etc ... (you can find such videos in youtube, in order to clearly understand what I mean).

The fact is that every day tens (or perhaps hundreds of people) fall for these tricks of the Internet. And I sincerely hope, that this article could save you from significant losses of money. Remember that a very good software for roulette really exists, but the ones that show the "frank miracles" is better to ignore...

Good luck!

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In the heyday of online casinos and massive gambling, also appeared some offers, that promise user an easy win.
Someone began to sell their own profitable strategies for playing, and some began developing software for roulette...


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