Revolutionary program, which has already used by hundreds of players from all over the world.

Creating this program, I've tried to look through the roulette game from definitely new point of view. This algorithm analyses statistics, main casino cheats and theory of chaos, using hundreds of real-played game logs from diffrent casinos. It's a unique technics that makes a prediction using 6 fields of roulette table at once (1-18, Even, Red, Black, Odd and 19-36).

Wheel Daemon 6.0 - is the latest solution for the game on equal chances, which includes all of the best and most effective analysis methods for several years.
the program is a set of linear and non-linear algorithms that are based on some mathematical theories, statistical data, and other proprietary calculation parameters. Thanks to some modes, the program is able to adapt to the RNG of any casino, and also perfectly shows itself in a game on live tables (LIVE).

Wheel Daemon 6.0 - This is a powerful tool that is used by both amateurs and professionals from around the world. This is one of the best methods in the fight against roulette today!

For user convenience, makes possible to Show or Hide the settings panel
Demonstration of mode Smart2019 и Parlay betting systems
This video demonstrates the new Smart 2019 mode, the Parlay betting system and the well-known Cat.Rows feature (“catching rows”). It is the symbiosis of the old function and the new betting system that will allow you to get a quick advantage with minimal risks! In this example, we got an advantage of +250 USD in the 2-minute session. The speed of the video did not change.

Demonstration of mode Adaptive 2.0 и Donald betting system
This video continues the previous session, and you can evaluate how accurate the predictions can be in Adaptive 2.0 mode! The program uses the standard adaptive matrix of 10 numbers and the Donald betting system, which wins +300 USD over the interval of 5 minutes and does not show significant drawdowns. The video speed is slightly increased, but the actual playing time, as I said, is 5 minutes.

Advantages of Wheel Daemon 6.0
Now the player has FIVE game modes and SIX betting systems that you can combine in any variations, creating your own killer mechanism for getting profit in the game! The powerful Smart 2019 and ADAPTIVE 2.0 modes bring the quality of predictions to a new level, and now playing at short distances can be as effective as possible (especially in combination with alternative betting systems and additional program features)!

In fact,
Wheel Daemon 6.0 is again becoming the most effective and easy-to-use application from the entire catalog!
I would also like to note the possibility of using alternative betting systems in addition to the standard Martingale. Thanks to flexible settings, the program can be made to work the way you need it. That is, if you prefer a low-risk gradual growth - no problem. If you are a supporter of aggressive game methods with sharp rises in balance - the settings will allow you to build the program in exact accordance with your profit strategy.
Almost all the settings and algorithms of the program are mutually integrated - therefore, you can change the delivery algorithms, betting systems and settings right during the session. And this means that you can create entire strategic behavioral structures for obtaining the intended profit result in each session.
The program shows not only where to place a bet, but also how many units need to be placed. It carries out internal settlement in accordance with the selected betting system.
Also, for experienced, professional players, it is possible to turn off the bet size indicator, if you use your own calculations.
In general, the function has an extremely important role - it removes the pain from the user to manualy calculate bets.
The program implements the most important functions that improve the overall performance and chances of the player.
Catching Rows - Here I mean the repeated loss of one field. For example, 9 red ones in a row. Note, when using the standard Martingale system, for a player in most cases such a series would be disastrous. But with the help of the
Wheel Daemon 6.0 program, we turn the aggression of the casino into our advantage, because the program can track the appearance of long chains of various sectors. And now the multiple loss of one color or field is in our hands. Especially if you use the new Parlay betting system, which just offers a doubling of the bet when you win!
ReCalculate - this technology is already used by several of my products. It allows the user to change the internal script of the program, providing a probabilistic advantage, or avoiding the failure cycle.
Well, and, perhaps, one of the main points - despite the apparent "complexity" of the program due to advanced settings, the Wheel Daemon 6.0 application still remains easy to use. All principles of the program are logical, rational and appropriate. After reading the detailed manual, even an absolute beginner in roulette will be able to understand and start working with Wheel Daemon 6.0.

Wheel Daemon 6.0 - The new story!
Wheel Daemon 6.0 today is a set of algorithms that work with the latest online casino standards. These are endless possibilities of combining and modeling your own strategies and game tactics. This is accuracy, speed and result!

Choosing this program, you get a multifunctional tool for the most successful roulette game. Exactly what many users are looking for throughout their gaming career.

I am sure, regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner player, this particular program will become your favorite and only tool for playing roulette for many years.
💻 Stable growth of bankroll
💻 Updated powerful analysis algorithms
💻 Maximum ease of use
💻 New high-tech features
💻 User-friendly application design
💻 Trust of hundreds of players from around the world
💻 Works on LIVE and RNG tables

If you make a mistake when entering the number, this button can save the situation!
This function saves current
game numbers to a text file
The program keeps a record of falling numbers for the convenience of the user (with the ability to save)
Resets the progression bets to initial values
The additional safety to the player. The program takes an additional amount of spins for analysis. Especially useful when playing with the Martingale system
The function changes the internal scenario of program, which provides a probabilistic advantage to player.
If the user has his own strategies, then it is possible to switch off the bet size indicator
Function is known to us by Wheel Daemon 3. allows to
track the long rows of current field (ex. 9 REDS in a row...)
Settings panel, which is used
to form a strategy game on a specially developed system of bets "Professional 1"
A separate settings panel for mode
ADAPTIVE 2.0, which allows the program adapt to the RNG tables.
Also applies to LIVE tables!
A separate settings panel for mode ADAPTIVE 2.0, which allows the program adapt to the RNG tables. Also applies to LIVE tables!
The program has 5 game modes, which can be switched directly during game session.
The program can show not only where to bet, but also how much to bet.

Updates for R-Matrix 3.2 and Triplex 3.2


Triplex 3.1 - Prediction speed increased by 20%, analysis algorithms were updated, new server activation technology.


R-Matrix 3.1 - analysis algorithms were updated, minor visual bugs were fixed, new server activation technology.


Triplex 3.0 - the new version of the best program for playing on dozens/columns!


R-Matrix 3.0 - the latest version of the program for playing on numbers with new algorithms, functions and betting systems!


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Triplex 2.0 - The new version of the best program to play on dozens / columns. Revolutionary algorithm and betting system!

Wheel Daemon 6.0 - the most powerful development with the latest modes and features!

Greed 2.0 - an incredibly flexible and creative betting system!

Long-expected Wheel Daemon 5.0!
5 game modes, 5 betting systems!

The release of new R-Matrix 2.0
New algorithms and betting systems!

The release of new software to play on dozens/columns TRIPLEX 1.0

The release of new software "R-Matrix VARIATOR" (free addon to R-Matrix 1.7)


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Wheel Daemon 6.0
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