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«Wheel Daemon». Revolutionary program, which has already used by hundreds of players from all over the world.

Creating this program, I've tried to look through the roulette game from definitely new point of view. This algorithm analyses statistics, main casino cheats and theory of chaos, using hundreds of real-played game logs from diffrent casinos. It's a unique technics that makes a prediction using 6 fields of roulette table at once (1-18, Even, Red, Black, Odd and 19-36).

Wheel Daemon 5.0 - is the latest solution for the game on equal chances, which includes all of the best and most effective analysis methods for several years.

The program updates the basic modes (available in version 4.0), and adds innovative ADAPTIVE mode, which allows you to adapt to any RNG table significantly increasing accuracy, and increasing probability by playing the live tables!
Feature of the program is that it uses a non-linear internal scenarios of taking profit, and gives the impression that you are doing absolutely random bets without any logic. But it is not so! ;-) The algorithm is very cleverly disguises itself. Certain mathematical symbiosis makes it unpredictable for the casinos. I should also notice that the program has shown excellent results in testing on a virtual  roulette (RNG), and also with live dealers. Sounds doubtful? - See the video from different online casinos. Wheel Daemon is a very powerful system of accurate bets, which provides you with a steady growth of your deposit.

A few years later I can safely say that now Wheel Daemon is a program that is in the arsenal of almost every experienced player. And, to me, as an author, it's really pleasant to see it's valued by the professionals.


The video below shows a demonstration of the new modes and functions of the program (Adaptive Mode in conjunction with Chernyshov system). This symbiosis with sufficient balance allows you to quickly and comfortably get the profit!
As you can see, the appearance and the functionality of the program suffered some changes.
I can definitely state that the Wheel Daemon is now even faster and more accurate!

Now Wheel Daemon 5 - this is the most powerful functional application
The program can show not only where to bet, but also how much to bet.
Resets the progression bets to initial values
The additional safety to the player. The program takes an additional amount of spins for analysis. Especially useful when playing with the Martingale system
If the user has his own strategies, then it is possible to switch off the bet size indicator
Settings panel, which is used
to form a strategy game on a specially developed system of bets "Professional 1"
The program offers a choice of three different systems of bets that can be switched between them during the game.
Function is known to us by Wheel Daemon 3. allows to
track the long rows of current field (ex. 9 REDS in a row...)
The function changes the internal scenario of program, which provides a probabilistic advantage to player.
Now in the program is available
5 game modes, which can be
switched directly during
game session. Including
fully restored algorithm of
Wheel Daemon 2.0
The program keeps a record of falling numbers for the convenience of the user (with the ability to save)
This function saves
numbers to a text file
For user convenience, makes possible to Show or Hide the settings panel
What is useful for You  in WHEEL DAEMON 5?
I would also like to note the introduction of a new special system of bets "Professional 1". With flexible configuration settings you can make the program work just as you need. I.e. if you prefer a gradual increase with low-risk - no problems. If you like the aggressive methods of the game with a fast rise of the balance - the settings will help build the program in strict accordance with your strategy of profit.
Almost all the settings and program algorithms can be related to each other - so you can change the behavior, betting systems and settings directly during the session. This means that you can create entire strategic behavioral patterns produce to get the intended result of profit in each session.
Now the player is provided with FIVE game modes and FIVE betting systems that you can combine in any variations, creating your own killer mechanism to obtain profit in the game! ADAPTIVE mode brings the quality of the predictions to a new level, and now the game on the short distances can be as effective as possible (especially in combination with alternative betting systems and additional functions of the program)!

In fact, Wheel Daemon 5.0 is again the most flexible and easy-to-use program from the entire catalog!
At the request of many customers, a new version of the program shows not only where you want to bet, but also how many units must be put. Wheel Daemon performs internal calculation in accordance with the chosen system of bets.
As for experienced, professional players have the ability to disable the bet size indicator, when using their own calculations.
In general, the function has a very important role - offloads the user from manual calculating of bets.
According to some users, they are, even having in the arsenal Wheel Daemon 3, continued partial use of the algorithm Wheel Daemon 2.0, indicating its high efficiency. Therefore, I decided to implement the completely restored algorithm Classic 2.0 to the new version of the program. Now fans of the algorithm 2.0 can combine it with additional functions of Wheel Daemon 5.
The program implemented the most important features that improve performance and raises the chances of a player.
Catching Rows - Here I mean the repeated fall of a single field. For example, 9 REDs in row. Note the use of a standard system of Martingale for the player in most cases, such a number sequence would be disastrous. But by using the Wheel Daemon 5.0, we turn the "aggression" of casino into advantage, because program can track the emergence of long chains of different sectors. Now, the multiple fall of one color or a field can be beneficial to us.
ReCalculate - ttaht you can see in my different products. It allows the user to change the internal scenario of the program, providing a probability advantage or escape from the cycle of looses.
And, perhaps, one of the main points - despite the apparent "complexity" of the program due to the advanced settings, the application Wheel Daemon 5 is still easy to use! All the principles of the program are logical, rational and feasible. After reading the detailed instructions, it will be easy to understand how to work with the program even for a newcomer!
WHEEL DAEMON 5. Playing at LIVE table!
The video below is also provided to demonstrate the Adaptive mode, but now the game is conducted at
LIVE table! Here I also used a combination of the Chernyshov system that completely justifies its progression on small distances. The result is about the same as in the first video, but spent a little more time (due to the specifics of live tables - waiting for the spin).
Now Wheel Daemon is not only stable, but also amazingly flexible to use! The player has the opportunity to experiment with new modes and features, creating a unique scheme of the game with Wheel Daemon 4.

Honestly, sometimes, even as the author of this software, I feel genuine delight, when I do testings and see how it works...

"Maybe today Wheel Daemon 5 is the only thing the user needs for a successful gambling and for sustained earnings growth."
Wheel Daemon 5 today IT's:
Stable growth of your balance
Updated powerful algorighms of analysis
Maximum simplicity in use
New Hi-tech functions
Beautiful and powerful interface
Trust of hundreds of players all over the world
Ability to play live-roulette
"... This program has changed my view of roulette. Fulfilling all your advices, I learned how to get a steady income from several casinos. In general, I'm glad to have met you!..."
Denis, Ukraine
"...I decided to write to you and to thank you for the program! I began to use it one and a half months ago. During this time I have made a withdrawal of more than $1000. For me, this is more than an impressive result! I'm waiting for your new products... "
Evgeniy, Russia
"... I work with your software for several years. Your work deserves a lot of respect! Keep it up!..."
Vitaliy, Russia
"...Wheel Daemon 5.0 - is the best software I've ever seen in last years. It works just great on live roulette. Good luck with your development!"
Robert, England
"... I am writing you to express my deep gratitude for your work. With your program I can get an extra $700 - $1000 a month! It's more than my pension! Since I bought this program I have not regretted it even for a second! My great thanx to you..."
Gennadiy, Russia
"... At first I doubted about your programs, because there are too much scams nowadays. And now I think I made the right choice at the expense of Wheel Daemon 4.0. It works with a bang! I am very pleased ..."
Dmitriy, Russia
"... I did some tests with your program for a week, and was very pleased. I work mainly on the auto-roulette, and there I saw the maximum impact! Good luck..."
Greg, Germany
"... Before the purchase of your program, I had my own game system. Now I'm doing some combination with Wheel Daemon 5.0 and get consistent results. Your program is very good! thank you..."
Bogdan, Bulgaria
Richard K. +$7900
Wheel Daemon 4.0
Zach S. +$5330
Wheel Daemon 4.0
R-Matrix 1.7
Evgeny T. +$3700
R-Matrix 1.7
Greed 1.0
Maksim L. +$4500
Wheel Daemon 4.0
Loki_87. +$2850
Greed 1.0
It is a new version of favorite program among hundreds of players around the world...
Wheel Daemon 5.0
The newest version of the most well-known roulette software. New algorithms and betting systems...
The most unusual and thrilling software, that has ever been created!
Innovative betting system...
R-Matrix 2.0
Greed 2.0
It is an addon to Wheel Daemon 4.0
Powerful system, based entirely on the probabilities...
Wheel Daemon Chains
The new powerful strategy and system of bets to play Blackjack with maximum profits...
Blackjack Kit PRO
The addon to R-Matrix. The new ingineering software calculating the probabilities on numbers...
New powerful software to play on dozen / columns.
The new algorithm of Adaptive Matrix!
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A separate settings panel for mode
ADAPTIVE, which allows the program
adapt to the RNG tables.
Also applies to LIVE tables!