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Indeed there are differents points of view on this subject! In theory, due to the presence of ZERO field on the table, the casino should always take some advantage above the player. And we remember, that even the great Albert Einstein openly declared, that it is possible to win at roulette, but it's impossible to beat it.

Of course, it's useless to argue with the opinion of outstanding scientist, but how can we explain the fact, that throghtout the history of roulette there were some smart players, who took the stable advantage above the casino and had a stable earnings playing roulette? Unbelievable luck or supernatural forces? We can argue forever, but the truth is simple - there are still some players, who can take the advantage and will win at roulette until they get bored!

On this site you will find a special software that have already earned the trust of hundreds players all over the world ...

My programs, in view of non-standard approach to the game, always produce a loud debate in various forums. There are ardent opponents, and also those who have already used the program successfuly to get a stable income.

I can only say one thing - with the right approach, my programs are really powerful tools to raise the balance ...
The new version of the most popular and effective program that plays on equal chances...
The newest version of the most well-known roulette software. New algorithms and betting systems...
The most unusual and thrilling software, that has ever been created!
Innovative betting system...
R-Matrix 2.0
Greed 2.0
It is an addon to Wheel Daemon 4.0
Powerful system, based entirely on the probabilities...
Wheel Daemon Chains
The new powerful strategy and system of bets to play Blackjack with maximum profits...
Blackjack Kit PRO
The addon to R-Matrix. The new ingineering software calculating the probabilities on numbers...
New powerful software to play on dozen / columns.
The new algorithm of Adaptive Matrix!
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Wheel Daemon 6.0