Meet this is the 7th version of the most powerful program for playing on equal chances!

Creating this product, I tried to look at roulette from a fundamentally different angle. The program implements the most complex and most effective calculation methods. Wheel Daemon 7 does not work on only 2 sectors, but makes an alternate prediction, choosing from 6 sectors of the gaming table at the same time (1-18, Even, Red, Black, Odd, 19-36).

Wheel Daemon 7 is a REAL revolution in playing on equal chances! The combination of new modes, betting systems and features brings the quality of the game to a level never seen before!
The program is a set of linear, non-linear and adaptive algorithms, which are based on some mathematical theories, statistical data and other author's calculation parameters. Thanks to some modes, the program is able to adapt to the RNG (RNG) of roulette in almost any casino, and also shows itself especially well in the game on LIVE roulettes.

Wheel Daemon 7 is a great tool that is used by both amateurs and professionals from all over the world. This is 100% one of the best variants to play roulette today!

In the video below, I want to present you with an accelerated compilation of 12 consecutive sessions on a LIVE table (about 6 hours of pure time), as a result of which I increase the deposit from 5500 units to 15000 units!
In the sessions that are presented in this compilation, I used different modes, betting systems and features presented in the program (I will post a video with each session at normal speed on the channel).
So, if you carefully watched the video, can you answer the question - what is truly amazing in it, except for the very fact of increasing the deposit? - Absolutely right! There were NO significant balance drawdowns on this rather long game segment ! YES, that's how WHEEL DAEMON 7 NOW WORKS with new modes, new betting systems and powerful new features! And now I would like to present to you the main innovations introduced in version 7...
MODE "DEEP SCAN 7.0" (Deep Scanning)

This mode represents a new technology developed by me for linear calculation of predictions. This algorithm starts predicting standardly from 5 entered numbers, but subsequently takes into account ALL numbers from the game entered from the very beginning of the session, and not some small range. Thanks to this, the program manages to issue very high-quality predictions with minimal fluctuations in wins and losses. This is a very strong solution that works on any tables!
MODE "Smart 2023"

This is an improved classic non-linear algorithm, past versions of which can be seen in my other programs (Triplex 3.2, R-Matrix 3.2). This mode is just great on LIVE tables, but it is also quite suitable for RNG.

Users who have my other programs in their arsenal are already familiar with the BET AUTOMATIC RESET function , which, when playing with alternative progressions, reduces risks by automatically resetting the bet to the initial size when making any profit. The appearance of this feature in Wheel Daemon 7 was predictable.

But what does the mysterious function GET MINIMAL PROFIT offer in this case? Simply put, if the BET AUTOMATIC RESET function regulates soft progressions, then our new function is designed to regulate BET AUTOMATIC RESET!

Let me explain with an example from the user manual:

If you have previously played roulette and using, for example, the Blind system and the BET AUTOMATIC RESET function in my other programs, you have noticed that there are often situations when the progression has not yet become a profit (at least by 1 unit for the reset function to work), and the program shows the next bet with a size of 15. In this case, your starting balance was 300 units, and the current one is 298 units. Thus, if the program wins the bet, the balance will be equal to 313 units (+ 13 to the initial value). And at this moment, the GET MINIMAL PROFIT function comes into play - it will reset the current bet to the amount required to obtain the MINIMUM profit (+1 unit). That is, instead of 15, the program will make a bet of 3. This means that the next bet, if a loss occurs, will not be 16, but only 4 (which significantly reduces the tension in the game).
A separate chapter is devoted to the correct (optimal) use of this function, since its uncontrolled use can lead to a significant shortfall in profits on a distance.

Wheel Daemon 7 is the strongest combination of options today, giving you results that no other roulette software (at least for equal chances) can provide.

Choosing this program, you get not only a multi-functional tool with the most effective solutions for playing roulette, but also an amazing theory of using statistics in the game! Such knowledge cannot be found in open sources, and you can apply it in some situations even without a program - this is such a fundamental material!

I am sure, regardless of whether you are a professional or a novice player, this particular program will become your favorite and the only tool for playing roulette for many years to come.
💻 Stable deposit growth
💻 Updated powerful analysis algorithms
💻 New efficient betting systems
💻 Advanced additional features
💻 Use on any tables (LIVE and RNG)
💻 Theory and practice of applying trends in the game
💻 Detailed guide with examples of settings

For the convenience of the user there is an option to show / hide the settings panel has been made
The main panel, with the help of which numbers from the game are entered into the program
The program has 3 game modes that can be switched directly during the game session.
The program allows you to choose from 6 different betting systems with the ability to switch during the game.
Settings panel for the
ADAPTIVE 7.0 mode, which allows the program to adapt to the RNG
The settings panel, which is needed
to form a game strategy according to the new super-efficient UP-TRENDER betting system
A function known to us from Wheel Daemon version 3.
Allows you to catch long series of one field falling out
If the user uses his own strategies, then it is possible to disable the display of the bet size in the program
The well-proven function of automatic reset of the bet when reaching any profit.
The function of providing additional security to the player. The program takes an additional number of spins for analysis
Reset progression and rates to the initial indicator
The program keeps a record of drop-down numbers for the convenience of the user
This function allows the program to interact with real statistics on live tables, thereby significantly increasing the accuracy of predictions!
If you make a mistake when
entering a number, this button can save the situation!
Parameter that sets the initial rate
A great new feature that further regulates the operation of the BET AUTOMATIC RESET function. It does not reset the bet to the initial size, but can reduce the size for
a minimum profit.


This adaptive mode can also be found in my other developments, but in this version the adaptive matrix generation system has been significantly changed and optimized! The main purpose of this mode is to use it on RNG tables, but in theory you can try it on LIVE as well.


This is perhaps the main innovation in the program! This function allows the algorithms of the program to interact with the real current statistics of any LIVE table, thereby bringing the quality of forecasts to a new level and reducing your risks in the game to an absolute minimum. The decision to include this feature in the new version of WHEEL DAEMON 7 was made after many months of research into the possibilities of using LIVE table statistics in the game.

VERY IMPORTANT: in the user manual, I devoted a separate large chapter on the theory and practice of using live trends in the game. There you will learn about uptrends and downtrends, choosing the right ranges to use, the correct interpretation of the data obtained and much more... You will never find such information in the public domain, since no one has ever published such deep research! This is such a valuable material for you that you will simply be speechless...


This is another significant novelty in the program - a system with a new approach to increasing the bet. In some way, this betting system is also related to trends (which can be seen from the name). The progression here works only after a winning bet, which gives a number of undeniable advantages, such as, for example, extremely low sensitivity to possible series of misses.

There are separate settings for this system, which are also given a special chapter in the user manual.


In practice, the UP-TRENDER system may take more time (number of spins) before it goes into profit, because the bet increases only after the number of wins (specified in the settings). Therefore, it may be more convenient to use it on RNG tables, where you don't have to wait 30 seconds or more before the roulette gives the next number. This recommendation is purely for practical reasons, as this system works perfectly also on LIVE tables!

In the video below you can see an example of the interaction between the DEEP SCAN 7.0 mode, the UP-TRENDER system and the BET AUTOMATIC RESET function (which is highly recommended to use in this case!).
Here it is worth noting that by the end of the session, the bet increased to 22 units. Please bear in mind that I often play a little more risky in demo videos than I should play in everyday life. I just want to show the maximum potential of the program and its ability to cope with possible difficulties in the game (well, so as not to delay the sessions in time). And specifically in this situation, I would turn on the GET MINIMAL PROFIT function when the bet reached 15 units (and the program would reset it to the value at the right time, which is necessary to get +1 unit to the balance). In this way, I could lose in profit (and time), but eliminate the risk of going into a deeper drawdown at a higher bet. This feature always saves the game! In other words, you can read about all this in the user manual!


When you purchase the full version, you will receive a user manual. This is the most voluminous and detailed instruction I have ever created. This is a huge work that will give you:

✔ A detailed description of all modes, betting systems and functions
✔ Tricks and secrets for the most effective combination of possible parameters
✔ The theory and practice of using table statistics in a game with the TREND function
✔ Important additional recommendations

Perhaps this will be the first time that after reading the manual, you will have absolutely no questions left!


Additional indicators have been added to the program and a new “phase correction of step size” system has been introduced.

Release of the long-awaited 4-th version of the coolest program for betting on dozens and columns. Absolutely the best tool for outside betting!

2 very useful options have been added to the program, the value of which is difficult to overestimate!

An unprecedented program for playing  on numbers, combining convenience, speed and huge functionality!

Wheel Daemon 7.2 update.
Some corrections in algorithms are made and a few minor bugs fixed.

Wheel Daemon 7.0 RELEASE!
Absolutely the best program to play on equal chances with new functions based on a deep research of trends.

Updates for R-Matrix 3.2 and Triplex 3.2


Triplex 3.1 - Prediction speed increased by 20%, analysis algorithms were updated, new server activation technology.


R-Matrix 3.1 - analysis algorithms were updated, minor visual bugs were fixed, new server activation technology.


Triplex 3.0 - the new version of the best program for playing on dozens/columns!


R-Matrix 3.0 - the latest version of the program for playing on numbers with new algorithms, functions and betting systems!


In the heyday of online casinos and massive gambling, also appeared some offers, that promise user an easy win.
Someone began to sell their own profitable strategies for playing, and some began developing software for roulette...


It turns out, that most of roulette players either had experience in FOREX trading, or positively look this way. And often we can hear such phrases as "It's better to trade on FOREX, then play roulette...». I'm sure, someone will be surprised, that I put together such seemingly different things. But...


Nowadays, online casinos is a very popular form of entertainment and earnings. And every beginner who seriously set about trying to play roulette, is actually in a potential danger of losing the funds. It's not even about the proper calculations and chances of winning, but about things like the correct behavior in the online casino...


As we know, roulette is a game of chances. And someone will say that trying to predict the chance is at least stupid and presumptuous! But personally my life experience and the experience of my professional activity show that there is...



Wheel Daemon 7.2
The best software to play on equal chances with the strongest modes, betting systems and features. It also has the ability to interact with real live table statistics. ABSOLUTE HIT!
Sophisticated engineering for my authoring system "Chains", based on the principle of probability. In the manual for this program, I fully uncover the prediction mechanism ...
Wheel Daemon Chains
The new version of R-Matrix, which includes improved predicting algorithms, as well as an innovative mode using numerological matrices...
R-Matrix 3.2
Add-on to the R-Matrix. Powerful engineering app that calculates probabilities by numbers using special coefficients...
The best, most convenient and effective program for playing on numbers, allowing you to program betting systems, as well as use your own numbers in the game!
A new version of the most powerful program for playing dozens/columns with an unprecedented set of functions and newest super system "phase correction of step size"!
Triplex 4.1


A new look at the strategy of playing blackjack with a new method of counting cards and an unusual betting system...
Blackjack Kit PRO
In the development...
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