This program, as you may have guessed, is designed for a comfortable and profitable playing in the most popular game (due to casinos statistics) - blackjack.

What this game might be interesting to you? First of all it is worth noting here that, unlike roulette, the chances of a player and the dealer are almost equal!

This fact attracts thousands of players to the numerous blackjack tables in different casinos.

And if briefly to characterize this game, it is worth noting the fact that blackjack can be very insidious, despite the simple rules and calculations.
If you go back in history, at some time, this game brought to casinos just astronomical profits, because most visitors played without any mathematics and the laws of probability, relying on the luck and the blind chance.

Over time, the situation has changed, and there were great minds who could turn the game around completely in a different direction, using their own mathematical abilities (calculation of probabilities and cards counting).

The main strategy in Blackjack, as you probably know, is the so-called "basic strategy". Actually, it is a standard calculation of probabilities at some combinations of the player's and the dealer's cards.

Again, some time ago, the basic strategy was used in conjunction with the cards counting techniques and gave the player alsmot unconditional victory. Those who used the technique of card counting in a game called "counters ". And the casinos fought against them with "intimidation" methods (such as, " if you come to our casino again - we will brake your knees " :-)) . But no matter what, "counters" became more and more, and eventually the casino had to make adjustments to the rules of the game ( otherwise it was threatened with catastrophe) ...

Currently in modern conditions in online casinos, the cards counting lost sense, because on live tables cards are shuffled very often, and on RNG tables the cards are generally mixed again before each new hand is dealt (formally stated in the rules).

In addition, some time ago the casino allowed the player to make a few splits in the hand, but now most casinos allows only one split in the hand, what is again potentially decrease the chances of players!

So, beloved by all "basic strategy", which once even gave a 100% win to the player, has now become profitable for the casino! With the new rules, the casino has a small the mathematical advantage.

Needless to say, that many casinos impose the basic strategy to the players, and offer even to play the basic strategy in automatic mode! And is this not an indication that with the new rules casinos no longer fear the "counters" or other "math geniuses"...

Gaming solutions with Blackjack Kit PRO
Creating this program, I could not ignore the basic strategy of the game, because despite the slight advantage the casino, to win, using probability calculations, is quite real.

But even so the main innovative solution in the program is my author's strategy and system bets called "Jackson". This system is based on the denial of basic strategy, and in general uses the principle of the non-standard game.

In practice, this solution have shown the very impressive results, and I think that with the uses of this program, the casino will not be lounging in a chair anymore, collecting the money from those, who lost their deposits with basic strategy ...

As has already been used to do, I wrote to you a video demonstration the system "Jackson" works. The game consists of 2 sessions on the virtual (rng) table in the William Hill casino.

Initial balance:
£ 200, initial bet: £ 2, Final balance: £ 401. Total time: 65 min.
Look at this great battle of Mathematics and randomness...
(it's recommended to use in HD)

Anatomy of Blackjack Kit PRO
In addition, that the program shows impressive results, another great fact - it is the most compact and comfortable to use, as compared with similar products for blackjack that have "bad habit" to occupy half of the desktop!

The main function of the program shall be the central panel, which is responsible for the user's tips, for a choice of cards, and the forecast results...
It is noteworthy that despite the lower set of different features compared, for example, with Wheel Daemon 4.0, the program provides the player with a large selection of the variants of use, such as a combination of strategies and betting systems, enables\disables the analysis of additional features in the game. And every experienced player for sure will find the best and the most profitable way to use this program.

If you've never experienced a game of blackjack, the program is provided with the detailed manual, which contains the analysis of the blackjack rules and its main nuances! I am sure that you will love this fascinating and one of the most popular games in the world...
The main buttons in the program responsible for the set or reset the selected player's cards

Special OFFER for Blackjack Kit PRO
Certainly, many have already figured out that the use of the program Blackjack Kit PRO and my other software for roulette, such as Wheel Daemon, R-Matrix, etc., can potential double the daily income from the casinos...

This is true, because to earn in a casino, it does not necessarily to play only one game. The main thing - is the final state of your balance! And on that positive note, I would like to announce the launch of this great offer:
💻 Unique strategy and betting system
💻 Simplicity of use
💻 Flexible settings
💻 Works on LIVE and RNG tables
💻 Compact application design
Component responsible for counting the player's points in the current round (hand)
Activity Indicators of  the additional features
Shows the Dealer's points in
current round
Ability to select a betting system ("Basic" or "Jackson")
Choosing a strategy of taking cards ("Basic" or "Jackson")
version of the program allows you to enable \ disable additional features individually
The ability to switch any time between the Russian and English
language in the program.
Elements for flexible settings of the Jackson system
The main buttons in the program responsible for the set or reset the selected Dealer's cards
Shows, respectively, the size of the current bet
The main panel in the program, showing hints, selection of cards and the forecasts, according to the chosen strategy

Additional indicators have been added to the program and a new “phase correction of step size” system has been introduced.

Release of the long-awaited 4-th version of the coolest program for betting on dozens and columns. Absolutely the best tool for outside betting!

2 very useful options have been added to the program, the value of which is difficult to overestimate!

An unprecedented program for playing  on numbers, combining convenience, speed and huge functionality!

Wheel Daemon 7.2 update.
Some corrections in algorithms are made and a few minor bugs fixed.

Wheel Daemon 7.0 RELEASE!
Absolutely the best program to play on equal chances with new functions based on a deep research of trends.

Updates for R-Matrix 3.2 and Triplex 3.2


Triplex 3.1 - Prediction speed increased by 20%, analysis algorithms were updated, new server activation technology.


R-Matrix 3.1 - analysis algorithms were updated, minor visual bugs were fixed, new server activation technology.


Triplex 3.0 - the new version of the best program for playing on dozens/columns!


R-Matrix 3.0 - the latest version of the program for playing on numbers with new algorithms, functions and betting systems!


In the heyday of online casinos and massive gambling, also appeared some offers, that promise user an easy win.
Someone began to sell their own profitable strategies for playing, and some began developing software for roulette...


It turns out, that most of roulette players either had experience in FOREX trading, or positively look this way. And often we can hear such phrases as "It's better to trade on FOREX, then play roulette...». I'm sure, someone will be surprised, that I put together such seemingly different things. But...


Nowadays, online casinos is a very popular form of entertainment and earnings. And every beginner who seriously set about trying to play roulette, is actually in a potential danger of losing the funds. It's not even about the proper calculations and chances of winning, but about things like the correct behavior in the online casino...


As we know, roulette is a game of chances. And someone will say that trying to predict the chance is at least stupid and presumptuous! But personally my life experience and the experience of my professional activity show that there is...



Wheel Daemon 7.2
The best software to play on equal chances with the strongest modes, betting systems and features. It also has the ability to interact with real live table statistics. ABSOLUTE HIT!
Sophisticated engineering for my authoring system "Chains", based on the principle of probability. In the manual for this program, I fully uncover the prediction mechanism ...
Wheel Daemon Chains
The new version of R-Matrix, which includes improved predicting algorithms, as well as an innovative mode using numerological matrices...
R-Matrix 3.2
Add-on to the R-Matrix. Powerful engineering app that calculates probabilities by numbers using special coefficients...
The best, most convenient and effective program for playing on numbers, allowing you to program betting systems, as well as use your own numbers in the game!
A new version of the most powerful program for playing dozens/columns with an unprecedented set of functions and newest super system "phase correction of step size"!
Triplex 4.1


A new look at the strategy of playing blackjack with a new method of counting cards and an unusual betting system...
Blackjack Kit PRO
In the development...
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