It turns out, that most of roulette players either had experience in FOREX trading, or positively look this way. And often we can hear such phrases as "It's better to trade on FOREX, then play roulette...». I'm sure, someone will be surprised, that I put together such seemingly different things. But in this article I'll share with you my thoughs about casinos and FOREX.

Let me start by saying that I have enough experience, both in terms of the casino, and in terms of popular exchanges, such as the FOREX. And about the last one, to be honest, I have a very negative opinion. And it is not so much about the idea itself, but about its actual implementation.

Forex - this is the most hypocritical structure I've ever met. Notice how competently it's "wearing" the mask of seriousness!  Forex is essentially offers the same game on chances, but calls it  "a trade". Bets are called as "deals". Dealers are called as "Brokers".  As well as it constantly use the terms embodying the intelligence and wealth, such as the "market model", "cost", "currency", "fundamental analysis", "technical analysis", "chart", "indicator", "trend", etc. ...  In general, a giant PR-campaign has held to make the Forex "game" a prestigious business.

But what do we have in fact? - Let's do a little comparative analysis of the FOREX and the casino (in particular - roulette).

It is said that to play in the casinos is dangerous, since there are organizations that do not pay the winnings. Another words, scam users. But in fact, there are not to much of such casinos. And even when it comes to forex , you can hardly find a broker who never "dirtied his hands" ... Another thing is that before signing up with a particular broker, the user is forced to agree to the contract (which usually is not even read). And often due to "tricky" items of the user agreement , the broker can "scam" any user perfectly legal. Those who trade in this market for several years, will understand me 100 % perfectly...

Also, if you talk about withdrawal of funds , the withdrawal in the casino usually takes 3-5 days. (and in such russian casinos as va-bank, it's even takes several hours!) and there are almost no limits in the amount. And if we look at forex trading, then to withdraw money from the account you must sometimes undergo "fire, water and copper pipes!" Funny, but many brokers take the money by any means, and withdraw only to a bank account. In this case, the user is aware of these conditions, only when going to cash out ...

It is said that you can not beat the roulette, because of "ZERO", which provides a probabilistic advantage to the casino. Yes, it is true, if we consider an infinitely long period of time and permanent system of bets. However, the forex as a "ZERO" takes a "spread" - the number of points the broker takes itself from each deal. This already means that the chances of the trader is not 50/50 as it might seem at first glance. And this is one of the main tricks of FOREX. By the way, there are some casinos with "no zero"-roulette tables and they very accurately captures the essence of Forex - the casino takes a small percentage of each bet.

They say, forex provides flexible analysis tools.
Of course, forex was analyzed by the great minds, thanks to which we have indicators and profitable trading system. But, in my opinion, PR effect is present here again, because, you see, has long been considered that forex trading - is "GOOD" And the casino - is "BAD". And if the game of roulette has historically subjected to the same powerful analysis as forex trading, today we might see the same "roulette learning centers", "books", "seminars", etc ...

Moreover if the casino provides the user with spins statistics (eg red-black) by hours, days, and months, we definitely would have seen the same "market model", as in the forex charts. Some time ago I conducted a similar experiment - taking a long section of spins and displaying it in the form of a graph, and I clearly saw the "uptrends" and "downtrends" and a "flat".

They say casino is manipulating the results of the spins, throwing up the wrong numbers to players. I agree - sure, there are some privincial casinos, who suffers from such arrogance, but, again, in the major platforms such as globotech (va-bank, azartplay), the user can control the outcome through md5-protocol. In other words, the numbers that fall out are generated before the player makes bet, and everyone can check it out. Also, now almost all casinos have the opportunity to play the "live tables" (when the video is being broadcast from the hall with a real casino roulette).

Forex brokers do not provide any evidence or honesty controls, and so many times there are cases of fraud graphs (artificial price movements) in order to drain the deposits of users. The favorite myth of Forex brokers is "you win on a demo account, and you lose on the real money because of the psychology ...". But no, this is not the case. Very often goes insolent and ruthless fraud. And another newcomer sits with "a ton of noodles on the ears", and thinks "that's it - psychology is working ..."

I want you now to understand me correctly. I'm not trying to say that the casino is better than forex. The essence of my story is to have inexperienced user did not develop a false impression that forex - is a gold mine, and the casino - this universal evil! According to the degree of risks, these are completely equivalent organizations. And their similarity to each other in most points proves it once again.

Think about it, why casinos and forex are in great prosperiry? - The answer is simple: in both cases, those who always loses more than those who win.
Unfortunately, I can not teach you how to trade profitably, because I am not a professional trader, but if you want to learn how to win at the casino a lot of money and do it consistently - you are in the right place...


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It turns out, that most of roulette players either had experience in FOREX trading, or positively look this way. And often we can hear such phrases as "It's better to trade on FOREX, then play roulette...». I'm sure, someone will be surprised, that I put together such seemingly different things. But...


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