The main idea of R-Matrix:

Do you ever think of what brings together, for example, the fields of equal chances and a dozens, a dozens and a six-lines, six-lines and streets? Or how can you avoid the scary factor of "ZERO" when using a particular strategy? The answer is - the numbers. Roulette - it is primarily the numbers. Operating with bets on numbers we can combine many probabilistic and mathematical schemes that will ensure a very high chance of a successful spin. This idea formed the basis for the development of R-Matrix algorithm. The program is a hot fusion of mathematics, probability theory, statistics and chaos theory. The program is a combination of different bet prediction theories, and it is the best solution for playing on numbers!
R-Matrix 3.0 is the update that users of previous versions have been waiting for! It includes new features, progressive systems, and most importantly - powerful new betting modes that I can't wait to introduce to you!

Externally, the program has for the most part retained the interface of the previous version, but inside it is a completely new product that offers innovative, ultra-efficient solutions in the game on numbers.

Mode "NU-MATRIX-3": symbiosis of numerological matrices!
Here I decided to go with the trump cards and immediately introduce you to the main novelty of version 3.0 - the NU-MATRIX-3 mode.

This predicting algorithm remained in the theoretical section for a long time, because required numerous tests, adjustments and analysis of the results. Slow work on my theory of numerological matrices took at least a couple of years! But I must proudly say that it was worth it!

Now lovers of dry mathematics will say that I finally lost my mind, trying to seriously use numerology in the game, but I can say for sure that when I offer you this method I am sober and healthy as ever... Numerology, as a science, symbolizes harmony and balance in numbers, and in practice it is clearly seen that these parameters are capable of giving the most important thing, what we need - STABILITY!

In order not to be unfounded, I have recorded for you a video of the game with the NU-MATRIX-3 mode on a 5-hour interval WITHOUT USING progressive betting systems (fixed bet 1 per number). I got some really amazing results and I want you to see them too!

Starting bankroll: 1402
Bets on 13 - 20 numbers (1 per number)
Table: RNG (BETSOFT, real money)
Playing time: ~5 hours
Final bankroll: 1830 (
At first glance, it may seem that the profit of 428 units is not so significant over a 5-hour period, but considering that the program did not use progressive betting systems, but played flat, this is a huge achievement! Getting positive dynamics with moderate drawdowns in the long run is what every player would like to see in their statistics (see the chart below).
Of course, the game with bets without a progression has its own nuances and some pitfalls, which I describe in detail in the manual to the program. But what we already have with the NU-MATRIX-3 mode is very impressive!

NU-MATRIX-3 is a linear mode that uses strict calculation formulas, without the use of scenario technologies (as, for example, in the classic Smart 2021 mode). This means that for a specific sequence of numbers, we will get the same prediction. The algorithm contains 3 numerological matrices developed by me, which automatically switch among themselves depending on the current game situation. The program places bets on 13 - 20 numbers according to the data of the matrix that is active at the moment.

This mode can be used with any progressions (it is not necessary to play only flat). Plus, it's suitable for all types of tables (including the Lightning Roulette that many players love these days).

For you, I also present a video of a 3-hour progression-free game with R-Matrix 3.0 on Lightning Roulette!

Starting bank: 3298
Bets on 13 - 20 numbers (20 per number)
Table: Lightning Roulette (Evolution)
Playing time: ~3 hours
Результат: 9378 (

Convenient play on LIVE tables with the mode "Sequential 3.0"
As you know, SEQUENTIAL mode was the main innovation in R-Matrix 2.0. For those who first paid attention to this product, this mode is a unique 3-phase betting system, which, thanks to a soft progressive methodology, makes the game as comfortable as possible.

The "Sequential 3.0" mode is the same classic SEQUENTIAL, but with a thoroughly modified predicting algorithm!

It's no secret that when betting on a large number of numbers on a live table, you may face the main problem - lack of time to bet (especially if you use any progressions). If the live table has buttons "REPEAT" and "DOUBLE", "Sequential 3.0" mode completely solves this problem, and you can safely enjoy the game as if you were placing simple bets on red and black!

In the video below, I propose to review a 3-hour game session on a live table (EZUGI) using the updated "Sequential 3.0" mode.

Starting bankroll: 1285
Initial bet: 5 per number (1 - 18 numbers)
Table: LIVE (EZUGI, with dealer)
Playing time: ~3 hours
Final bankroll: 3325 (
Regarding this video, I would like to clarify an important detail - when playing 5 units per number, the initial bank for a comfortable game should be 5-6 times more! On the day when I was going to record this video, there were technical problems with replenishing the balance on the casino side, and I decided to play such a "dangerous" session (with the balance that I had at that time) - to check how the updated algorithm will solve this problem and, possibly, show how dangerous drawdowns can be if the bankroll is insufficient. As a result, the expected drawdown occurred at the very beginning of the session - there was a critical situation, but the program solved it, and then entered a stable cycle with practically no drawdowns. It turned out very interesting!

I also want to note separately that at the request of some clients, I added a special additional function to the mode (it is not on the video yet) - now, as new numbers are added to the prediction, the last number is highlighted not in orange, but in blue! Indeed, when there are already many highlighted numbers on the field, it can be difficult to keep track of which of them was added last (this requires additional concentration of attention, which means it increases fatigue). This problem has now been resolved!

What's more interesting about R-Matrix 3.0?
In general, 4 game modes are available in the program: Smart 2021, Equal field, Sequential 3.0 and NU-MATRIX-3 (which you have already met above).
As for the Smart 2021 and Equal field modes, these are modified and improved classic nonlinear modes that are well known to users of previous versions of the program. You can personally experience mode "Smart 2021" in the
trial version of R-Matrix 3.0.

R-Matrix 3.0 offers a choice of 3 betting systems. One of them is Blind. In the instructions for the program, you will find a separate chapter telling about the correct and effective use of this system, which has proven itself in Triplex 2.0!

Now in R-Matrix 3.0 there is a button for canceling the entered number! Someone may not pay special attention to this function, but believe me, this mechanism can preserve the balance not only of the game, but also of the soul!
On the one hand, R-Matrix 3.0 has retained very important points - compactness, simplicity and ease of use, which were in previous versions, thanks to which it has become the most popular development for playing on numbers. On the other hand, it has acquired the latest functions and ultra-efficient predicting algorithms.

If before you thought playing on numbers was not convenient and effective enough,
R-Matrix 3.0 is guaranteed to change your idea of internal bets and, possibly, of the game of roulette in general!

Purchasing R-Matrix 3.0 you get:
💻 Stable growth of bankroll
💻 New predicting algorithms
💻 Updated 3-phase betting system
💻 Innovative mode NU-MATRIX-3
💻 Beautiful and user-friendly application design
💻 Ability to play at LIVE tables
The program shows last 10 numbers from the game
The button to cancel the last entered number
Reset progression button
The function of changing the internal script of the program, which provides the player's probabilistic advantage.
With this function, the program saves the last prediction before the loss.
Additional security function for the player. The program takes an additional amount of spins for analysis.
There are 3 betting systems available in the program (in addition to the Adaptive 3.0 mode, which itself is a 3-phase betting system)
A choice of 4 main game modes, one of which is a completely new technology based on numerological matrices.
Sets the size of initial bet
Number input panel. The numbers for the next bet are highlighted in orange
And also in version 3.0 you will notice one more very convenient thing: now if the program increases or decreases the bet, the corresponding window will blink several times, attracting your attention!
Analysis speed increased for some modes. The program works faster!

The analysis algorithms have been updated in the program, so in some game situations the accuracy of predictions will be higher!

The updated R-Matrix 3.2 is available (from 19.08.2022)


Additional indicators have been added to the program and a new “phase correction of step size” system has been introduced.

Release of the long-awaited 4-th version of the coolest program for betting on dozens and columns. Absolutely the best tool for outside betting!

2 very useful options have been added to the program, the value of which is difficult to overestimate!

An unprecedented program for playing  on numbers, combining convenience, speed and huge functionality!

Wheel Daemon 7.2 update.
Some corrections in algorithms are made and a few minor bugs fixed.

Wheel Daemon 7.0 RELEASE!
Absolutely the best program to play on equal chances with new functions based on a deep research of trends.

Updates for R-Matrix 3.2 and Triplex 3.2


Triplex 3.1 - Prediction speed increased by 20%, analysis algorithms were updated, new server activation technology.


R-Matrix 3.1 - analysis algorithms were updated, minor visual bugs were fixed, new server activation technology.


Triplex 3.0 - the new version of the best program for playing on dozens/columns!


R-Matrix 3.0 - the latest version of the program for playing on numbers with new algorithms, functions and betting systems!


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Wheel Daemon Chains
The new version of R-Matrix, which includes improved predicting algorithms, as well as an innovative mode using numerological matrices...
R-Matrix 3.2
Add-on to the R-Matrix. Powerful engineering app that calculates probabilities by numbers using special coefficients...
The best, most convenient and effective program for playing on numbers, allowing you to program betting systems, as well as use your own numbers in the game!
A new version of the most powerful program for playing dozens/columns with an unprecedented set of functions and newest super system "phase correction of step size"!
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